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Doctor Ooh

Doctor Ooh 01

First Published
Geoff Rowley
Original Publisher
E.C. Publications/General Book Distributors
Steve Parkhouse
The Fourth Doctor, Hairy and Squarer (parodies of Harry and Sarah)
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Doctor Ooh is a Doctor Who comic strip. It has been printed through various publications.


The Doctor, Hairy and Squarer land aboard a space ark where geniuses are held in suspended animation. Unfortunately the Doctor is infected with Xeno-Acidic Mebates, or something equally meaningless, which causes all his clothes to continually grow, including a self-knitting scarf. Hairy attempts to save him by reviving some of the genii, including the first three Doctors, but none of them have ever had to contend with a self-knitting scarf before. However, the Peter Cushing Doctor, who proclaims himself the real Doctor Ooh with something the small-screen pretenders can never have - box office magic! He then presses a button leaving them all stranded in space on the still-growing scarf.


  • The Doctor Who Comics website, Altered Vistas had this to say about the strip:

MAD Magazine’s somewhat scattershot approach to its target makes this strip rather hit or miss in its laughs, with the usual targets such as budgetary constraints and technobabble rubbing shoulders with stuff about Harry being a sailor, Peter Cushing as the big screen Doctor and, for some reason, Sarah losing most of her clothes. Don’t expect a sensible plot or a resolution, but the caricatures of the previous Doctors are rather nice and there are a few good jokes in here, though not necessarily the Doctor Who ones.

  • Altered Vistas also comments on the Cybermen's appearance in the strip:

Despite being nothing more than a cameo for the Cybermen who pop up in the background, this strip has the distinction of being the first to portray the Cybermen as anything other than the cloth-faced variety. It only took ten years. The strip itself is sometimes amusing and sometimes just plain silly.

  • The Daleks also make an appearance in the strip. Altered Vistas had this to say about the pepperpots:

The Daleks only make a cameo appearance in three frames of the five page strip, two of which are reprinted above. It is interesting to see the name Steve Parkhouse attached to the strip. He would later write some of the best and most ambitious comic strips for Doctor Who Magazine.


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