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Gary Russell
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In 1997, Deadfall was released by Virgin Books.

Cover blurb[]

'We've a killer brain-eater on board, half of us are dead, and all you want to do is discuss your wretched fish. Do you sense a problem with your priorities?'

Jason Kane is out to impress his ex-wife, Bernice, and he has found the perfect way of doing it. He's convinced she knows the location of the legendary planet of Ardethe - a site of untold riches and forbidden knowledge. So, after rifling through her bag for information, he sets off with his trusty crewman Emile to a barren and isolated rock.

As usual, Jason's plans go awry. Very soon people begin to die - and die quite horribly. They have awakened something beneath the planet's surface that's feasting on human brains. And when a ship full of hard-bitten female convicts arrives in the skies about the desolate world, the situation becomes even more complicated.

Someone is pulling the strings and watching the carnage. It could be any of the desperate prisoners, the reclusive crew, or the suspicious governor. Not knowing who the true foe is, Jason calls for help. Assistance arrives in the form of his old companion Christopher Cwej - just the man you'd want by your side in a tricky situation. but something terrible has happened to Chris, and now he can't even remember his own name.

GARY RUSSELL originally thought of calling this book The Brain Eaters or Things to do in the Twenty-Sixth Century When You're Dead but changed his mind. He's just squeezed writing a CD-ROM, a Doctor Who novel, half a Simpsons episode guide, a Radio Times comic strip or five and this novel into his incredibly busy schedule - and now feels that his own brain has been eaten.

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