David Banks talks with
Colin Baker
The Ultimate Interview
Banks talks with baker cd
Series 10th Planet & Silver Fist CDs
Country United Kingdom
Release date November 2004
No. of discs 1
Running time 54 mins approx
Other info
Starring David Banks
Colin Baker
Produced by 10th Planet & Silver Fist

In 2004, David Banks talks with Colin Baker: The Ultimate Interview was released by 10th Planet & Silver Fist on CD.

Cover blurbEdit

David Banks talks with... is a series of in-depth conversations from the world of Doctor Who, each with an actor who has played the Doctor. Two further interviews are available in this classic collection with Jon Pertwee and Sylvester McCoy.

Colin Baker and David Banks first met in 1984 on the Russell Harty Chat Show. Later that year David played Cyberleader to Colin's Doctor in Attack of the Cybermen. Five years on they found themselves working together again. Though both had been interviewed on many occasions they realised there were more interesting questions yet to be answered. So they decided to interview each other...

The Ultimate Interview, recorded on Wednesday 19th July 1989 in the Function Suite of the Dearngate Theatre, Northampton, during the tour of Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure, is an absorbing and revealing conversation in which they explore their childhood memories, their experiences as actors and their connection with Doctor Who.


  1. Where we are and when
  2. Born on Waterloo Bridge
  3. And I'd get thumped
  4. Next year was Rudigore
  5. What about you, David?
  6. A certain reticence
  7. Big man, funny costumes
  8. On too soon

Notes and other imagesEdit

  • Cover images and design by Andrew Skilleter
  • Released on cassette in October 1989 as The Ultimate Interview

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