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Dalek War - Chapter Four


Dalek Empire
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Big Finish
Gareth Thomas, Nicholas Briggs
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In 2003, Dalek Empire: Dalek War - Chapter Four was released by Big Finish Productions.

Cover blurb[]

Two thousand years ago, the galaxy was devestated by a great catastrophe. No one really knows what happened. Some say it was the work of the 'Dark One' of the 'Bringer of Death'.

And in the ancient remains of a civilisation on the planet Velyshaa, a lonely outcast is uncovering evidence of who that terrible figure really was.

Could it be that Kalendorf's determination to rid the galaxy of the Daleks will bring about the destruction of everything? Indeed, can the Daleks ever be truly defeated...?


  • Disc 2 features a behind-the-scenes documentary, Dalek Empire Strikes Back.

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