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The Invasion
Invasion Cyberman Figure
Series Character Options 5 inch
Release date 17 January 2009
No. of figures 1
Original RRP £7.99
Other info
The Invasion
Produced by Character Options Ltd

In 2009, Cyberman (The Invasion) was released by Character Options.

Cover blurb[]

Millennia ago, the planet Mondas, the twin of Earth, drifted out of the solar system and into deep space. In order to survive, the Mondasians, already centuries ahead of Earth's tecnology, replaced most of their bodies with cybernetic parts. They then continued this process to their minds and removed emotion from their brains to eradicate all weakness. The Mondasians wre gone and in their place were the first Cyberman.

They became a race of galactic conquerors who took other organic beings and changed them into Cybermen, constantly improving their tecnology. They conquered many worlds, using some of them, such as the planet Telos, to store huge armies in suspended animation. The Cybermen attacked Earth several times throughout its history but were always defeated.

A new development of the Cybermen weer created on Earth in a parallel universe. Cybus Indistries, led by John Lumic, experimented with human brains bonded to met exoskeletal shells with an artificially grown nervous system threaded throughout. They attempted to invade Earth in our universe, but were defeated and scattered into the Void.

The Cybermen are undoubtedly one of the greatest enemies the Doctor has ever faced.


  • One of four figures released as a 'Cyber Controller Collect & Build' wave.
  • Comes two legs to build the Cyber Controller figure.
  • Also has Cybergun.

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