In 1966, Dell Comics published the first Doctor Who comic book, an adaptation of the Dr. Who and the Daleks movie, as part of the Dell Movie Classics series.

Marvel Comics was next, publishing colorized reprints of Doctor Who Magazine comic strips in four issues of Marvel Premiere in 1980 and 1981. Marvel followed that run with Doctor Who, a 23-issue series that picked up where Marvel Premiere left off and was published between 1984 and 1986. In 1989, Marvel UK published a first-print crossover comic strip featuring the Seventh Doctor and the Marvel character Death's Head in the Death's Head comic book series. Other Marvel titles, such as Star-Lord: The Special Edition and The Incomplete Death's Head have featured reprints of Doctor Who Magazine strips. In addition to their standard comic books, Marvel Adventure Comics from Golden Wonder, a six-issue set of promotional mini-comics, was released in 1986.

Miranda, a Doctor Who spin-off comic book featuring the Eighth Doctor's adopted daughter, was published by Comeuppance Comics in 2003, with 3 issues out of a planned 6 being released.

In 2007, Idea and Design Works Comics (IDW) started publishing re-colorized reprints of Doctor Who Magazine comic strips in the Doctor Who Classics series. They followed that in 2008 with a series of comic books containing new series strips. Most of these issues have cover variants, including Virgin Incentive, or artwork only covers. In 2012 IDW published Assimilation², the first officially licensed Doctor Who / Star Trek crossover, and for the 50th Anniversary year in 2013, they published the twelve-part Prisoners of Time, which dedicated an entire issue to each of the first eleven Doctors. IDW ceased publishing Doctor Who comic books in December, 2013.

In 2010, Titan Books began publishing Torchwood: The Official Comic, which lasted for 6 issues. Titan later picked up the Doctor Who comic book line and started publishing new Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor stories in 2014, new Ninth and Eighth Doctor stories in 2015, new Fourth and Third Doctor stories in 2016, and new Seventh and Thirteenth Doctor stories in 2018. Also in 2015, Titan began publishing a yearly 'event', starting with Four Doctors, which included the first comic book appearance of the War Doctor, and continuing in 2016 with Supremacy of the Cybermen and 2017 with The Lost Dimension. Torchwood returned to Titan Comics with an ongoing line starting in 2016

A comic book biography, The Cast of Doctor Who, was first published in 2012 by Bluewater Comics and continued in 2015 by the renamed Stormfront Comics.

Many of these stories have been re-released in Graphic Novels.

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