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The Tub Full of Cats

Tub full of cats

Bernice Summerfield
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Big Finish
Lisa Bowerman
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In 2007, Bernice Summerfield: The Tub Full of Cats was released by Big Finish Productions.

Cover blurb

Negotiations have failed and the Braxiatel Collection now sits within a war zone.

Bernice and Maggie are racing back to the Collection with something that may just help bring an end to all the fighting - or at least protect their home.

That something is a man, Maggie's father and the would-be killer of Bernice's own husband. His name is Irving Braxiatel.

But the Collection is on the far side of the Mim blockade, and there's no possible way they can get through.

They'll just have to do something impossible...

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