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Abslom Daak...Dalek Killer
Abslom daak dalek killer marvel graphic novel
Series Doctor Who
Country United Kingdom
Release date April 1990
Format Paperback
No. of pages 100
Original RRP £5.95
Other info
Comic Strips
Abslom Daak...Dalek Killer
Star Tigers
Nemesis of the Daleks
Author Steve Moore
Richard Starkings
Editor Sheila Cranna
Jenny O'Connor
Artists Steve Dillon
David Lloyd
Lee Sullivan
Cover by Steve Dillon and John Higgins
Published by Marvel Comics
ISBN No. 1-84500-113-2

In 1990 Abslom Daak...Dalek Killer: Marvel Graphic Novel was published by Marvel Comics.

Cover Blurb[]

The Daleks: in the twenty-sixth century, their very name strikes terror into the hearts of billions across the galaxy. Encased in their metal shells, driven by an unrelenting quest for power, their sole aim is domination of the entire universe!

Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer: a condemned murderer, set against the Dalek race in a vicious guerilla war by a war-weary Earth empire.

The Daleks: cold-blooded, driven by hatred.

Abslom Daak: driven by blood lust and a death wish.

When chain sword meets polycarbide armour, the results are devastating...

Notes and other images[]

  • Introduced by Ben Aaronovitch
  • Lee Sullivan Schematics:
    • The Kill Wagon
    • Anti-Dalek Weapons: Hand-Held Chain Sword
    • The Dalek Death Wheel (MK 1)

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