A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

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TV Comic
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Bill Mevin
The First Doctor, John And Gillian
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A Christmas Story is a Doctor Who comic strip. It has been printed through various publications.


Landing on a snowy new world, the time travellers soon meet Santa Claus, who has relocated from the North Pole because of all the aeroplanes flying over. However, there are problems here too as the Demon Magician interferes all the time and Santa is way behind on his toy production schedule. The Doctor helps him out with his instant modeller, which creates models of real objects. Because all the children want TARDIS models, the Doctor goes to sort that out, leaving John and Gillian to help Santa, but when they go to collect the models they find strange footprints and the Doctor missing.

The Doctor is being terrorised by a Polar Bear, but he instructs John to use his magic modeller box to reduce the creature in size. The miniature bear then runs away. However, as they are leaving they encounter the Demon Magician who stops them returning to the TARDIS by erecting a huge wall. But the Doctor has an idea...

They climb over the wall by using the Doctor’s magic box to increase a squirrel in size, making it large enough to ride. Returning to the TARDIS, they find a note from Santa who is now off on his rounds delivering TARDIS models, but the Doctor is still determined to stop the Demon Magician from interefering in Santa’s business. However, the Demon brings a snowman to life, which seizes John and Gillian and threatens to freeze and crush them.

The Doctor uses his magic box to generate heat rays which melt the snowman. But the Demon Magician is not done yet and hides himself inside a giant snowball that hurtles down the mountain towards the travellers. Instructing John to get a toy rocket from Santa’s workshop, the Doctor reduces the snowball in size until it fits inside the rocket, then he fires it up into the sky. Santa Claus’ problems are finally at an end.


  • The Doctor Who Comics website Altered Vistas, had this to say about the strip:

Again, this is hardly a story at all, more a series of random events, and Demon Magicians, Santa Claus and magic boxes are certainly not the stuff of Doctor Who. The demand for TARDIS toys is as post-modern as the TV Doctor wishing everyone at home a merry Christmas...


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